3 Easy Ways to Inspire the New Generation!

Can teachers help?

Changing the role teachers hold in teaching,

Teachers happen to have an assertive and centered role nowadays. When I use the term ‘teacher’ I mean any mentor, or anyone teaching something valuable. One belief that comes later in life is that teachers cannot always be right. It is worth letting students know, that teachers like other humans can be wrong. There is nothing embarrassing about that. What happens nowadays that doesn’t feel optimal is that we expect teachers to impart knowledge by lectures etc with ‘Questions at the end’ rule in place. This rule means that most of the questions are regarding the teacher repeating certain things. This further signifies the belief that what the teacher is saying is set in stone. Teachers should make students the center. This is not an original idea by any means but what benefits the student-centered model, is the interchange of information it results in.

Have you ever read about something to the point you started thinking you know enough about it? Then when you talk to someone about it you end up highlighting the countless things you hadn’t thought about. That isn’t a coincidence by any means. Even if the other person happens to know nothing compared to you, he might question it in a way that makes you think. That is impressive. But when that question is answered, it benefits both parties. Affirming that there are no stupid questions is not as useful as actually practicing that belief. The fact of the matter is that we know very little and when we expect a teacher to just simply pour everything out of his head into ours, that is not how it works. In our brains, information is given the most importance when it is questioned causing us to think more about it. It strengthens our neuron links and betters our memory associated with it.

Let’s look at a modern classroom,

The teacher stands upfront and in the center. This is the modern teacher-centric model. Whereas, if the teacher happens to sit with the students, the consequences will be much to our liking. He/she is no longer an authority figure but just another student of learning. That is the error I think we as a society do. We all are essentially the same thing- learners!

Changing the notion that life has to be set at a certain age

This is another belief I am firmly against. Students must be told that they can be figuring stuff out their whole life. Life is not something you can just ‘get’. It is perfectly okay for you to be successful at 80. No, seriously! I mean this. The current idea is to go to school, get into a good college, hold a job, go higher in the hierarchy, and get paid more. There are so many late bloomers and we must do them justice. We mustn’t criticize people stuck at 30. Rather, we must be encouraging them. Life is a learning process and it never ends until you die. And again there are no set dates at which you are going to die. Odds are you have much more time than you think.

Bill Gates still says he learns new things every day. No one is always winning. Everyone is being pulled by the strings of unpredictability and luck. That doesn’t mean you don’t work hard. Luck seems to favor those who work hard but then again no amount of work guarantees success by any means.

The most successful people in the world read much more often than the rest and this speaks volumes to the fact that learning is a never-ending process.

Learning does not end with a degree but rather with death.

So go and do what you want to, learn what you want to, try what you want to. Life is too short when you are doing what you don’t like and that is a massive saying. We are all capable of a lot and nothing must hold the power to change that!

Studying successful people up close and understanding the secrets behind it

What better way to emulate success than following people that have inspired millions. What can give us more inspiration and encouragement?

Nowadays, on the internet, there is almost everything available. We have the power to follow massively successful people by emulating their daily routines and work ethic. These people happen to have what we like to call, productivity hacks which they have learned through experience. They know which skills are the worthiest to learn for people at a young age. They have gone through everything we are going through. Moreover, they thrive on efficiency.

An example of this is the fact that Warren Buffet encouraged people to take communication courses at an early age. He also, when asked which skill is the worthiest to learn, looked towards the skill of being able to sell something. These tips are up for the taking.

There are documentaries and movies made on successful people. Netflix released a show called ‘Inside Bill’s Brain,’ showing the working of the mind of Bill Gates himself. Social Network, a movie based on the invention of the largest social media platform in the world- Facebook and the thinking behind making it a reality. There is also a movie about Steve Jobs. This is just the tip of the iceberg! Countless successful people in all fields can be emulated due to the infinite resource provided by the internet!

What is even better is that most of these people are eager to share. What is stopping us from copying some of their best habits and living a life we are proud of? Absolutely nothing! Most of the tips and information are available for free and what isn’t can be purchased through online courses, that is if you are willing to make an investment. The things they are willing to share are proven to work and they are living proofs for that.

Some of these business magnates happen to have youtube channels, Twitter accounts, and Facebook pages which can allow us to follow them on a day-to-day basis.

Many successful people attribute their success to some of their teachers. So it isn’t unusual if I say teachers have the power to inspire kids of the future. But is the current system of education enough to encourage that?

Now this article is not meant to talk about the education system, for that, I have already written an article here;

When you look at the importance something has on successes you look at people who represent that. So when I said many successful people attribute their success to teachers, I brought some examples with me;

Bill Gates admits he wouldn’t be where he is if not for the guidance of his math and drama teacher. Many people know that Bill Gates was a Harvard dropout but not many people are aware of this. His teacher was essential for his success and he even himself stated that if not for him, Microsoft would not have existed today. What a massive contribution that is, and imagine a world without Microsoft in it, or one in which Bill Gates wasn’t as rich and famous as he is today!

Elon Musk took it upon himself to start a company rather than continue his education at Stanford. He ended up making Zip2 Corp. It was a massive risk he undertook but it would have been much harder if his teacher hadn’t given him a backup. He told his professor that he was rolling the dice with a company he was starting and if that didn’t work out he would continue his course with him. Luckily, the professor agreed and the rest is history.

Ernest Rutherford, the father of nuclear physics, when asked about why he loves physics pointed the finger at his Professor’s enthusiasm for science being the reason he ran after it. He happened to win the Nobel prize in 1908.

If you follow Oprah Winfrey you would know about a certain Mrs. Duncan who would help her read more and more. So many people have said reading is responsible for them being so ahead of the rest and this is no different.

There are certainly more stories related to teachers but these are the most inspiring to me. 3 of these 4 ended up becoming billionaires, inspiring millions in the process. The 4th ended up winning the most prestigious award in his area of study all the while being regarded as the father of one of the foundations of modern physics namely Nuclear Physics.

To every success story that calls out his teacher for being successful, there are probably 3 or 4 who remember cases where a teacher(s) told them how they would amount to nothing! It is worth noting the teachers never confirmed it. But it’s also true that many of us are able to relate to it too. I have heard many such incidences and I am sure you must have too.

But putting that aside let’s talk about inspiration. Everyone needs inspiration, it pushes action and gives you a purpose. Now when I talk about students, I don’t necessarily mean students of schools but rather students of life.

Most of the first half of that life is spent in school, so it is no surprise when teachers play a great role. The truth is, being successful is pretty subjective no matter what people may have you believe. YOU decide when it is you have made it.


I believe that inspiration is one of the major hallmarks of human success. No one reaches his true potential if he is not inspired by something. Inspiration opens our minds to new possibilities and makes what seems, at first glance impossible, possible and doable. It is massively important. What is more, is that I don’t think students are given enough inspiration and I happen to believe that many will agree on this. More can be done and more must be done.

If we

  • Change the roles teachers play in modern education
  • Reduce the pressure students feel on figuring life out after college
  • Study successful people up close and emulate them to the best of our abilities

I believe we can wave Hello to a more educated and successful society than ever before!



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