I will convince you to chase your dream

You have two lives!

Why do you give a f***?

Before you set on to do something there is always that voice or picture of people laughing at you in your mind. People that you know. But ask yourself this. Why do you give a f***? Why do these people have power over your decisions and why do they have such immense power over you. Think like this, in 15/20 years, when you reach your goal, and you can inspire other people, no one will know who they were. If you set out to make a difference in whatever way, if your goal is daring, you are bound to have people who doubt you. That is just how life works. And if this becomes fuel to you, the more doubters the merrier, right? It is about your perspective. Make your

“I don’t have the time”

Maybe you work a 9–5 and have to take care of your children along the way. What can you do then? You don’t have the time. The logical thing to do is to give your dream as much time as possible. Even if you give it 5 minutes a day, you can constantly build on it. Imagine how far along you will be in a year. Starting with just 5 minutes can do wonders in a year. Just make sure you are consistent and patient.

“What if I fail?”

You are in control!

The odds of you being here!

The odds of your dad meeting your mom are 1 in 20000. The probability of you getting just the right DNA from your parents are 1 in 400,000,000,000,000,000. Yeah! Pretty massive right. But this does not stop here. The odds of the universe having just the right rate of expansion to facilitate life are equivalent to rolling 6 70 times in a row! This is equal to 1/6⁷⁰! Are you still worried about failing? Not only this but the odds of you reading this article are unprecedented, incalculable.

Your dream chose you, not the other way round!

You did not choose your dream, it chose you. When your vision/dream chooses you, give that the courtesy of attention, not to people who tell you it’s not possible. Your attention is valuable and the quicker you realize that the better. Don’t waste your attention on people who are afraid of what you could become. Not only are they falling but they are pulling you down with them. Know your worth, stand by it, and don’t let anyone else define you



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Rafay Hiraj

Rafay Hiraj


I write about life and happiness. Writing for me is a way to make sense of everything.