Change Your Perspective; Change Your Future

Rafay Hiraj
5 min readNov 27, 2021


There are many things to question in this world, you can doubt anything and you might find some logic in it, but one thing that can not be doubted is the power of perspective.

Perspective is how you think about things. You must have heard the saying, positive people attract positive things. This is along the same lines but deeper. The fundamental truth about perspective is how it shapes everything that happens in your life. It can empower and disempower you but it is totally under your control. The key to being unbeatable is to have a bulletproof perspective.

Perspective is shaped due to certain events in your life. Simply saying “I can’t lose” is easy but what do you really mean by this. An onlooker- a mere spectator may assume it means that everything goes your way. What if you say this out loud right before losing a race, let’s say. Does that mean your perspective was flawed? Yes, it does, but not that of your statement but rather of the world losing. Someone who interprets losing as not having things go his way and thinks he can’t lose is nothing but a fool. Everyone must bow in front of God or nature or mere consequences, however, you interpret it. No one has everything go his way. Having said all this I could say “I can’t lose” convincingly to you and you might cringe and call me a fool. But the fact of the matter is losing is giving up. Losing is not losing to major consequences but rather losing to yourself. When your body tells you that it can not go on and you still stand up for one more round, you have beaten yourself! That is a true winner.

Changing your perspective and really standing by it is no easy task, but the example I gave above is one of a bulletproof perspective. Not only is it logical but empowering. When people try and go 1 on 1 with God or nature (whatever you prefer) they are bound to lose. When this happens they throw away all control of their life as they believe nothing will go their way. This makes them make excuses.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it

- Charles Swindoll

This is the most powerful and strongest quote ever. And this is where the importance of bad times comes in. In bad times you are forced to change your perspective. If you had a strong perspective you genuinely stood by, that was empowering at the same time, bad times would not come because you wouldn’t interpret them as being bad. Now don’t get me wrong, if there is something tragic that happens in your life, grieve, by all means. Having a strong perspective does not mean you will always be happy, but rather that you must go on and until successes lay down in your palm. Being sad is natural but being depressed is mostly a choice.

Another rock-hard perspective is one that says “Failure is a teacher.” This is in fact true but many of us do not believe in this. In the modern world, failure is looked upon as some unwanted thief entering your land to steal happiness. That is not true. The thing to keep in mind is, success causes failure but success needs failure. If you never embark on the journey to success you will never encounter the greatest teacher that has ever lived- failure and thus you will never get the greatest lesson you have ever been given- to persist. This leads to a life of regret. More than 80% of people who have lived on this very planet have gone through that road, they did not die happy. Why then do we still go through that road expecting different results? Success is a long and uncomfortable process and the shortest way to it is the path where live the most failures.

By a change of perspective, you view the worst thing that has ever happened to you as the best thing in your life. If smoking for a while causes you to one day reflect on the day you started, you will feel regret. But don’t tell yourself that the habit is out of your control. It is not. If you take control, that cigarette could be the best thing that has ever happened to you as it gave you control of your life by quitting smoking altogether.

No matter what the problem, tell yourself you can fix it. You will figure it out. At the same time, you might not always be able to beat the problem, but that is okay. Sometimes the only way out is through and that may be the answer.

Change of perspective makes the biggest setbacks become preachers of the greatest comeback you could imagine. Just think to yourself, if there were no failures, stories would have no color, no distinction, no attraction. What makes success stories beautiful is the fact that they come through the most dirt possible and still thrive. So collect your dirt so you can inspire your fair share of people.

Contrast is one of the most significant features of paintings. This is due to the difference in perspective it causes. The darker the background, the brighter the rest shines on your eyes just like the darker the night the brighter the stars shine. So navigate through your problems, however big they may be. Know that you CAN handle its magnitude.

Don’t ever tell yourself you can’t do something. I don’t care how hard it is, it may seem impossible. But if you have a dream then that dream has you. You must protect your dream and let the naysayers fly by. They can not do anything. It is all set up for you and you are in control.

Everyone goes through phases in life that make them question life itself. Maybe they perceive this as some type of torture and maybe even they pray for death. But guess what? You are still alive. You are still walking so might as well decide where to go. Praying for death will not bring about death. I found this out the hard way and many other people do too. Each and every one of us has a time specified here. Everyone will lose people close to them at some time in their lives, everyone will go through bad times. This can not be avoided but if you have a strong perspective to live by, you give your life meaning and become responsible for your own happiness and there is no better feeling than that.



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