Enjoying Being Alone: The Power Of Solitude

The issue

The significance of solitude gets weakened more and more in the modern world. It is becoming rarer and rarer with every passing day. Very few people like to just sit quietly and just be. A minute into silence we turn on our phones, 2 minutes in we are calling our friends and 10 minutes in we are watching a show on Netflix!

Nikola Tesla-

One of the geniuses of the modern world, almost every modern invention has Tesla’s hand in it. His biggest achievement was the alternating current and he has 196 patents!

Albert Einstein-

The pioneer of modern physics and has his hand in all the theories as well as having laid the foundation on which modern understanding of the universe is built, won the Nobel Prize in 1921, and published 4 hallmark papers in 1905

Vincent Van Gogh-

One of the most influential and notable figures in Western art history. Made over 2100 artworks and became famous after his death in the late 20th century


One of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century. In the 1980s Picasso estate was valued at over $250 million

Dr. Seuss-

Arguably the most known children’s book author of all time. His name is owed to over 60 books, selling over 600 million copies and being translated into over 20 languages

Charles Darwin-

Naturalist, geologist, and biologist. His most popular work was that of human evolution. His most famous works were The Origin Of Species, Voyage of the Beagle, and The Descent Of Man

Isaac Newton-

Mathematician, physicist, astronomer, theologian, and author. Recognized as one of the greatest and most influential mathematicians and physicists of all time. He is also the father of calculus

Blaise Pascal-

Invented the first digital calculator and was an influential and one of the most well-known mathematicians and physicists as well as an author

Barack Obama-

The first African-American President of the United States

Nelson Mandela-

The first black head of state and president of South Africa who fought against apartheid and racism. Inspired millions of people including Obama

Thomas Edison-

Arguably the greatest inventor ever. He has over 1000 patents. Arguably the most well-known inventor and businessman

I present a very star-studded list in front of you. Without these people, the world would be a very different place. All these people attribute the majority of their successes to solitude. So what is it that makes solitude so powerful?

Hypocrisy behind solitude

Solitude is a very hypocritical concept. The word solitude means being solitary but the truth is we are never really solitary. Everything I have written so far is about being alone, but the truth is that that is never the case. We all have voices in our heads, that is what gives rise to things like self-esteem and self-love. We always have these voices so even when you are ‘alone’ you have you!

“Did you make any friends?”

One of the many flaws of the world is the fact that from the first day we go to school we are told to make friends. “Did you make any friends?” is a popular question when the child comes back after his first day. This results in a subconscious trigger that tells him that he MUST have friends and of course, if you have no friends you will most likely feel depressed so you should have people close to you who you can talk and share with. The point I am getting at is, the quantity of relationships is valued more than their quality. Since quality is undervalued against quantity, we are inclined to not make an effort to make a quality relationship with ourselves either!

Difference between solitude and being alone

People associate solitude with being lonely but they are two totally different things. Being lonely is a negative emotion people have to as a result of being in solitude, so solitude isn’t negative in itself. Solitude is a blessing we have been given while being lonely means not being able to enjoy solitude and that is basically the problem I am talking about.

Benefits of Intentional Solitude

One of the biggest benefits of spending time in solitude is that it develops creativity. As a result of this amazing consequence of this glorious blessing, great inventors have benefitted immensely from this.


Now that I have talked about the benefits we are forsaking ourselves of by discouraging solitude, let’s look at a group of people who enjoy solitude, famously known as introverts. Better coined as weird or shy. But the truth is introverts are not shy or weird, they are just different from the current norm that has been drawn nowadays. Keep in mind this was not the case 100 years back.



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