Have you ever thought Life is Meaningless? Then Hear Me Out!

Have you ever heard someone say something like, “Life is meaningless,” or have you ever asked someone what the purpose of life is? Maybe you asked yourself this question several times. The reason some people believe they do not have meaning in life is that they are looking at it from the wrong perspective. Think about it, insignificant can’t even describe us in relation to the universe, but who told you to change the universe, and maybe you want to do that, in which case, don’t look at the peak and focus on every step you take because if you look at your objective, it is daunting, focus on every small step, make that perfect.

Thinking life is meaningless, is impatient. What you are really implying here is, someone is supposed to come to tell you what will create meaning in your life. Let me put it this way. Think of a child aged 0–7. Does he ask this question? No, he does not. Why is that, is it because he is not mature enough to fathom the complexity of life? Maybe, but another reason could be that he is always doing something so he does not have to ask himself that question. A child lives in the moment and makes HIS meaning. He is not thinking about what will happen after 2 or 3 days or after an hour. What does this tell us? Maybe, we should learn from the child.

We are too fixated on what 3 years will bring and while it is healthy to be future conscious it can also be pretty harmful at the same time. At its extreme, you start getting this growing resentment with passing time and it makes you impatient, making you waste more time. Before you know it, you are stuck in a loop of endless pessimism and meaninglessness.

What does this signify, ‘I wonder what 3 years will bring.’ It subtly signifies defeat and giving up of charge. If you say that, it means you are supposed to get something because you are owed it which is not a productive way of thinking. You are giving up charge of your fate.

It is easy to find meaning in life if you look for it. Think of the worst thing you have ever done, how does that create meaning for you? Well, you doing that thing could be the reason you do not do it again, or stop others from doing it. And that might make meaning in your life. In this manner of thinking you are optimistic. You have concluded that the worst thing in your life could inherently be the best thing in your life! What is there to stop you now? If you can turn bad into good, who can stop you now?

On the other hand, if you LET IT be the worst thing in your life, you stay stuck in the past. This causes you to accept that you have no control over your life, resulting in you feeling helpless and lost.

So let’s go further in how to create meaning in life. What do you like to do, what are your passions, what is the worst thing that has happened to you, what makes you think life is meaningless? Ask yourself these questions.

Let’s say you now know what you want to do, but you do not have the resources to get there, now what? Make a plan, think of the small things you can do that will help you get where you want to. Think of what you would do if there was no judgment. That is why you have to get out of bed every day.

No one is expecting you to make humans a multi-planetary species. Does that mean you can not do it? Absolutely not, that question depends on whether or not you are passionate about it. If you have passion for something you can achieve great heights in it. If you have daring goals, make a plan to go after them, if you do not have a plan, try getting out of your comfort zone, you might find something you like or enjoy that you have not tried before. Life is too short to care about what other people think.

Believing life is meaningless is selfish, as you are removing everyone from your life and calling them worthless. Really think about this, if your life is meaningless then everyone in it is also meaningless. Meaningless is someone or something that can not create meaning, right? So you discounted everything someone has ever done for you as well as people with whom you frequently share moments. Okay, so what if you have no one to support you? Then you have a choice, either accept life is meaningless and sit around in depression at what a poor hand you have been dealt with or get up and work in service for others like you. People who suffer from being alone. Because that is what your problem is, you are alone. If you do this, neither will you be alone and you will also have made a definite positive mark in someone else’s life. If that is not worth getting up for, then what is!

What people get wrong is the fact that YOU define your meaning. You do not have to create your meaning per se, but you have to actively look for it to find it. IT IS THERE, you just need to find it. The wrong kind of thinking is where you let others define what you should do. If you do not know enough about yourself, that is not a problem as you can go to places or do things you would not normally do. LOOK FOR YOUR MEANING and you will find it because you are supposed to find it.



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Rafay Hiraj

I write about life and happiness. Writing for me is a way to make sense of everything.