How To Influence Others? Part 1

Don’t criticize, complain, or condemn

Dale Carnegie did a brilliant job explaining this. He gave the deserved importance to justice while also conveying to the readers, how criticizing, complaining, and condemning another person can have its problems.

Affirm what is good and not sell out to flattery

Affirming what is good in someone can go a long way to developing a strong relationship with them. When you affirm what is positive in someone it results in a genuine connection.

Igniting an eager want

In order to influence someone, we must connect with a core desire within them. Influencing someone is not a matter of outsmarting them but rather seeing what they want and offering it with mutual benefit. You can not influence someone you don’t have a deep connection with, you have to make that foundation to connect at an intellectual and meaningful level. This can be achieved by educating oneself about the goals and perspectives other people hold.



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Rafay Hiraj

Rafay Hiraj

I write about life and happiness. Writing for me is a way to make sense of everything.