Intuition: An Answer to Doubters and Haters

Rafay Hiraj
6 min readJan 19, 2022


Unleash yourself and the beast within

Neither mystic nor nonsensical.

Intuition is what some would like to call either of these two words but that very thing is responsible for countless success stories.

Igniting your intuition is not a hard task, trusting it is. What makes intuition hard to act upon is the lack of spontaneity and abundance of discussion.

Don’t get me wrong sharing an idea for the sole purpose of getting a bit of advice is not illogical but chances are, you already know you should be doing that certain thing, you are just unsure of yourself.

When you share your intuition, you are setting yourself up to be aimed at with the lance known as, ‘Be realistic.’ Then that inner voice sets in, “Maybe he is right.”

So what if you ignored it?

The spiritual nature

The specialty of intuition lies in its uniqueness. It is when you connect with that core desire within you that you awaken that intuition. When your goals become clear there is always that inner voice guiding you all the time, that is intuition.

The reason so many people miss out on their dreams is not acting on intuition, but then again, the reason so many people have immense failures is intuition too. But so what? Get up!

It isn’t perfect, but it’s there and it is genuine.

Intuition is a child

Quite a weird statement, isn’t it?

This simple word does not know what failing is, it does not know how to get bored, it is just always at work experimenting with nature.

A child (below 5, let’s say) does not get bored, he is always running about, smiling, and throwing things off the table to see if they break.

The child is not stupid when he puts his finger in the fire, or when he pushes the cup off the table, letting it break, he is a scientist, and once a desirable conclusion is drawn it is accepted.

Life is easy when you are a baby.

What would you not give to be a baby sometimes, luckily you can!

Sometimes just try pushing the glass to see if it falls down or rises up (I am just kidding, don’t do that).

We become miserable when we lose that inner child or ignore that inner child. Let it play. Sometimes the baby is the smartest as he does not see the obstacles.

If there is a cake on the opposite end of the room but there is shattered glass on the floor, he will run at it, let the glass cut him, he must have that cake!

Of course, if he hurts himself, he’ll cry but he won’t let the glass keep him on the opposite end of the goal. The crying is due to the pain, not as a complaint!

Remember when there is a dream, only an adult will talk you away from it. Read that again.

Tell a child (who understands language) you want to go have breakfast on the moon every day, he won’t tell you you are crazy.

Adults talk you away from it because they use logic, even when you talk yourself out of a dream, you reason your child brain. You scold it!

Here’s a fact about logic: No one completely understands it.

Here’s a fact about intuition: It doesn’t deceive, logic does.

Trust your instincts, instincts don’t lie

-Oprah Winfrey

Here’s another fact about intuition: It knows what you really want and it’ll figure out a way to get there no matter what the cost when adults will use reason.

Follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you really want. Everything else is secondary

-Steve Jobs

Your intuition tells you what you could amount to, according to Steven Spielberg,

“Your conscience shouts ‘Here’s what you should do,’ while your intuition whispers ‘Here’s what you could do.”

Success stories related to following your intuition

It is only right to talk about people who managed great feats through their inner child.

Here are a few,

Albert Einstein

David Lynch

Oprah Winfrey

Steve Jobs

Nikola Tesla

Richard Branson

Paul McCartney

These are just a few. The truth is every successful figure became one through their intuition. It is almost the same as following your passion, what makes you excited.

A clear pattern is the one between inventors and intuition.

Remember everything great is accomplished through intuition.

How to awaken your intuition

Intuition is better described as inner wisdom.

One of if not the most effective ways to channel that is through intentional solitude.

The power of this can not be ignored. It is to this effect I have written more articles about it,

The power of silence

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The underlying Pandemic

Meditation is another amazing way to do so. Small spells of meditation work wonders, however, I have never been one to meditate, I will certainly give it another go sooner rather than later.

Reading books about successful people you idolize is another way, get to know what made them successful, what did their routines look like, and how they affected them as a person.

None of these will work if you don’t define your goal though.

For your intuition to work, you need to give it a direction. It is difficult, though because everyone feels stuck, but that doesn’t mean you give up on a dream, so give this a read.

How to respond to doubters and haters

Haters are definitely doubters but doubters are not essentially haters. Let me tell you that you are neither the first nor the last person to be doubted, nor to be doubting yourself.

That’s the dangerous thing about doubters, it might as well be you.

Doubters don’t necessarily want the worst for you, they just don’t see you fit to reach that goal, they might even be small-minded. That is one way to kill a dream, as Steve Harvey says,

The best way to kill a big dream is by telling it to a small-minded person

You can have self-doubt, that is perfectly okay. What is not okay is when it stands in front of your dream as the grim reaper.

We all talk about murderers and some stay awake through the night because of them, but the biggest murderer of all resides in us, it kills dreams and never shows itself like the silent assassin that it is. Its name is doubt and it prevents action.

But here’s the truth, it tries to prevent action. Were you to act in spite of it you have already won!

Paul McCartney, one of the lead singers of the popular band, Beatles confessed to a certain intuitive spark that raised doubts, but when acted upon despite that, well the world tells the rest!

He heard a tune in his dream, he called this ‘the most magic thing’. Doubts arose when the beat sounded different from the Beatles’ original sound and he was worried people wouldn’t like it. He ignored the silent voice at the back and went on with it anyway.

The beat resided in the popular song ‘Yesterday’.

Intuition beats doubt every time it is supported. The catch is, it must be supported. You do that by giving it importance and attention.

The example I gave early on, about the baby and the cake, the shattered glass wasn’t specifically pointing to external obstacles, it was doubt.

Sometimes we must take a leap of faith. Sometimes we must let the inner child laugh and smile.

The hypocrisy in this passionate article

I may have allowed myself to come off as a perfect agent and adherer to this rule but I am probably worse than anyone out there.

I have dreams that when recited make the other person question my sanity and very well so. I may even have plans in place but I constantly tell myself I am not ready yet. Maybe I am pursuing things for the wrong reason.

The last time I acted upon my intuition was when I started on Medium and truth be told I don’t regret it one bit!

Let’s be honest none of us are perfect, but we all can take tiny steps to get to the level we want, to get to the level that inner child wants to, to give our intuition the time and attention, nourish it, and allow it to stand tall and tower everything else.

We all can do a better job and we all will!