Picturing a Perfect World and the Selfishness of Demanding One

Rafay Hiraj
6 min readNov 6, 2021


Let us picture a perfect world. What is wrong with that you might ask. Nothing, would be a smart answer as it is perfect and “Everything,” would be an even smarter one but later, “Nothing” would become the perfect answer. Allow me to explain myself. A perfect world has no problem. A world without any problem has everyone as an equal in it. There are no VIPs, no billionaires, no dreamers, no victims and certainly no criminals.

In a perfect world, there would be no hustle bustle, no Times Square, no Mekka and no history either. I’ll look back at a piece of history so I can help you understand what I mean. The invention of the telephone. Alexander Graham Bell’s assistant was trying to reactivate a telegraph transmitter and Bell believed he could send a human voice over the wire. There! A dream clicked in his head but in a perfect world, there are no dreamers as there are no problems. And now you might say well, in a perfect world the telephone was already invented, thus no such problem ever existed. You would be right in assuming so, but let us look at what this means, we have to look at the path from 0 to infinity. What is infinity? Infinity is someplace we can never reach and 0 is where we start. At infinity, again everything is equal but it is a product of the initial 0 and the journey required to get there, the problem here is, again, it assumes everyone is equal, but considering the journey, and looking at the relative contribution, it is wise to assume that some people contributed MUCH MUCH more than others to make that possible. To clarify this let us look at this world.

You have your homeless people who strive to put food on their plate, living in the extremest level of poverty, you have your poverty stricken but a bit better off people, then you have the ones who aren’t exactly living the best life but manage to put food on their plate at least 3 times a day, then you have the middle class (average working class), the superior middle class, the lower class rich, the rich (at least $2 million, lets say) and then comes the 0.something percent people who have a net worth higher than that and ultimately live a good life, and finally come the richest billionaires who work their butt off to create value for people and get paid handsomely. It is wise to assume that those who spend most of their life as a service to others happen to contribute the most, so why should they be equal to you?

Putting the 80–20 principle in effect, 80% of the road to infinity was made by 20% of the people.

There is always going to be a problem in the world, if there is no problem that you seem to find, you’re looking at it the wrong way. We now agree that infinity is unreachable right, because it is an unequal equation, that is, the final product at the same time. So either we are not smart enough to picture it or we just cant reach it. In any case it doesn’t concern us. So let us picture 0. The floor, nothing built yet, just plain perfect. Thats the thing, if your world is perfect, its immature. Look at a newborn, it hasn’t done anything wrong, is basically perfect, right. Of course he/she is. So if you are imperfect you are maturing and if you are perfect you are immature or you are too mature and thats not a possibility. If you are too mature or have completed maturity you basically know everything, can do everything and are basically the master of everything, that is GOD or maybe, maybe, it is the afterlife.

So the purpose of life might just be to get from perfect (0 or “Nothing”) to imperfect (“Everything”) to perfect (infinity or “Nothing”). Infinity may be Paradise and negative infinity, might be Hell.

Equality as it is, is a boring concept, according to that, everyone is equal. Whats wrong with that is the difference in perspective it causes. For the wealthiest man in the world, equality is Hell because he has spent his whole life not being average, not doing what the 90% are doing and for the homeless person it would be Paradise. So here we take two extremes and show how different their perspective would be. You ask the most poverty stricken person in the world, if you could have anything in the world, what would that be. He would want food on his plate as many times as he wishes, right? Well, ask the same question to someone like Elon Musk, and he would want us to be a multi-planetary species. That is an astronomical goal. That might be Paradise for him. So the higher your roof is, that is your Paradise on Earth. ‘On Earth’ being the key words. So the higher you build your roof, the higher is your Paradise on Earth, and the difference between that and your current state, that could be your drive to get there.

Assuming the difference is the same, one side is being dragged back while the other is being dragged forward. So equality is not equal, I mean the push is equal when taking two extremes, but the destination either people reach are different sides of a coin. So for our wealthiest person to reach Equality is Hell, and at the same time for our homeless guy to reach Equality, is Paradise. Confusing yet? You might say this is not practical, but put it anywhere and it will be the same idea but with different variables.

Think of the ordinary man in the real world, and assuming his name is Bruce and he has an Ice Cream shop. How would that play out in the world we are picturing? Lets look at why he would do that in the real world, Bruce would have opened the shop either because he is not well off and wants a source of income or he just likes making ice cream and is passionate about the idea of, say, owning and running his own business. In the perfect world, he doesn’t have any financial problem, and he does not have a want or a dream as all his wants are fulfilled and the word ‘problem’ does not exist.

Boring as it is, nature has a way of throwing equality in the world. If you do the same amount as, say, the richest person in the world, for the same amount of time, have the same mindset and belief and most importantly dream, you will reach the same pedestal. All the same, look around the world, if a person is abundantly talented he does not have the same work ethic as someone who is not. That is again balanced. Again, if he/she is both, then they don’t have the same dreams maybe. If someone doesn’t have the work ethic but has the mindset, belief, talent and dream then they probably don’t have the standards that match their dreams, so everyone in the world you look at, their equation equals 1 at birth and when it gets higher or lower than 1 then that signifies imperfection as anything. When you are a child you have countless dreams because you think you can be the best at everything. Then you grow up, some limitations come in, you discover some imperfections and your 1000 dreams turn into A goal that may or may not have anything to do with them.

The current state of the world is natures own way. It is how there is kept a balance and equality, like a food cycle. If at one place there are murders at another birth rates have multiplied. If one problem is solved there are countless that come as a result of it. That is the point, if we humans try and create equality, i.e reach infinity, odds are, we will implode but what is for sure is we wont get there. History has taught us that. So making robots and trying to control natural disasters and death at the end is going to be futile because when humans try to reach the level of God that is when they get slapped right across the face by Him.

So if you lived in a perfect world and I asked you, what is the problem with it? You would say “Nothing,” then you have just started, then lets say I ask you the same question after 30 years, you say “Everything,” it has matured and then I ask you the same question after infinite amount of years your answer will again be “Nothing” and that would be the perfect answer.