Playing the long game is the way to go according to Gary Vee

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5 things I learned from Gary that can help you in life

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Gary Vee is not for everyone.

He gets straight to the point and knows what he is talking about.

I love him.

Life is so easy when you think of it the way he does. He also has no filter, he knows what must be said and he says it. Amazing.

We are social people and spend most of our lives around other people. Their successes could rub off on us, or they could end up overshadowing us. Could go either way.

I just watched a Garry Vee video and here is what I got to learn.

You are not meant to figure out life

Fall in love with patience to be fast for the rest of your life.

You are just not, that is not how it works, and that is amazing!

Is that not satisfying knowing that a soon-to-be billionaire like Garry Vee doesn’t know what life has in store for him in the next 10 years.

People are out here (me included) trying to figure everything out at 20, maybe 30 even. Say that to Gary and he’ll slap you right across the face (not literally).

On a podcast when he was telling people not to worry and be patient, he was asked what is the right age to worry about not having figured stuff out.

Gary goes, “70!”


Things are amazing when you think of it that way, but then again, life isn’t perfect. You will always have people piledriving pressure onto you, so what do you do?

Before pursuing a venture, you must know why you are focusing on it. “To make money” is simply not enough. What is needed is a deeper reason that pushes you through when the situation gets tough.

What is a good reason?


Make value for others

Don’t be selfish. In fact, scratch that. Be selfish by being selfless.

If you are truly selfish, you’re not.

Let me explain.

If you were truly selfish, you would only look for personal benefit. Ok, well then, if you look at long-term benefits you end up improving other people along the way.

So if you are truly selfish to your future, you make value for others because that is how you achieve true success.

Gary is a firm believer that making value for others is the perfect step. We all focus on how we can earn more money. We should focus on making value for others, helping them whenever we can. Free advice isn’t given enough- it should be.

I really believe that.

Dale Carnegie in his book “How to win friends and influence others” threw the spotlight totally on the law of reciprocity.

Help others without a motive and nature weirdly responds by giving you more than before. It is weird but nonetheless true.

Don’t compare yourself to others

The more time you spend thinking about other people, the less you spend thinking about what you can do. Don’t do that.

I just heard Gary scolding a 22-year-old girl who was looking at Kim Kardashian as a reference point for her success. Unsurprisingly she happened to beat herself up about it.

When you compare yourself to others, what you are truly doing is comparing your worst part to their best part. That is illogical, to say the least.

The reason behind this is, chances are you don’t know them completely. And you know yourself (well sort of). When you make that comparison, the other person is perfect and you’re not.


This is usually common in procrastinators but is wildly applicable to most, I would think.

Focus on small steps, but consistent ones. Make the effort and your dream is bound to become a reality. That’s for sure.

I have pushed myself into a pit of self-doubt many times. The reason is, I focus on 20 years ahead.

I see my biggest goals towering in front of me and getting nowhere in comparison to them. This is not going to produce anything remotely good for me.

It is like stabbing yourself, let’s not do that.

If you have a small step forward figured out, great, take that.

Be grateful

While wishing for the best is all good, we tend to ignore what we already have over what we could have. This makes us ungrateful.

Gary Vee hates that.

Don’t be ungrateful for anything.

No matter how big your problems are someone already has bigger ones. It is when we learn to appreciate the little things that we really grow.

Self-awareness, work ethic is driven by something bigger- for me it’s gratitude.

Gratefulness goes beyond this too. It makes you a better person. Grateful people help others, no strings attached.

This causes other people to help them too. It is also a wonderful feeling.

What all you have, the truth is, someone out there would stake their entire life to get it. Don’t be ungrateful about it.

Kindness and being grateful to people is the most effective way to achieve happiness. That is a fact and there are several studies that stand by it.

Play the long-game

Many people are focused on Pete making a 100 grand a month while you’re stuck at a dead-end job with a side hustle that makes you 3 grand a month in a good month.

It is easy to get distracted, maybe you even wish the worst on hypothetical Pete.

Let’s not ignore the fact that Pete is a d*ck, to say the least. He rubs this on you. He makes you know it and enjoys it when you hate him.

The problem is, Pete is living rent-free in your head. Take him out of it (or at least take some rent money).

Be calmer and more decisive.

As Gary would say, play the long game.

Gary is not shy about the people who sprinted when the race started. He hadn’t even started running. The people who sprinted first even pointed the middle finger at those they passed. But the ones who picked up the pace later, like Gary himself, managed quite a lot.

Be like Gary, play the long game.

Stay focused and committed and make sure you believe in yourself.

One of the biggest problems according to Gary is that success isn’t thought to be subjective. Rather, people think it is the same designated place for everyone.

Winning is not defined by me, your parents, or even the market. It’s defined by you.

Only you know what is success to you.

We let the meaning of success be tarnished by other people doing better than us. Stop that.

Be responsible for your own happiness.

If you are doing what makes you happy, you are already ahead of the 90%! And take steps as soon as you figure them out. That’s the way to go.

To sum it up

Gary Vee is an amazing person, on top of it he is an amazing entrepreneur too. I would recommend anyone to go and watch some .of his videos, he is literally on everything.

He has inspired millions but at the same time, I know several people who hate him. He doesn’t care!

The thing is, he is teaching something that is truly valuable and we all could benefit from him!

He has become pretty famous now and I wish him nothing but the best in his future too.

What a guy!

Do it for the process, not the prizes and your life will be so much better



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