The Pandemic no one wants to talk about!

Why don’t we listen?

We know more than we can ever know nowadays. Google allows you to search anything and get the answer within a fraction of a second. We have come so far that the weight of the Milky way is just a click away!

Research indicates that we have a smaller attention span than goldfish!

Our attention span has decreased to 8.25 seconds from 12 seconds. Goldfish sit calmly at 9 seconds!

Listening is contagious

I love listening, it has been everything for me. Listeners are more precise and articulate with their words.

Listening builds focus

When you focus on something for a considerable amount of time, you achieve a state of flow. In such a state, your productivity is at its maximum and you no longer think about distractions.



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Rafay Hiraj

Rafay Hiraj

I write about life and happiness. Writing for me is a way to make sense of everything.