This is why you shouldn’t worry about the future!

Rafay Hiraj
5 min readDec 3, 2021


A promise for better days to come

One thing almost everyone is guilty of is worrying about the future. Will they be successful or not? Everyone wants to know what life has for them. If you ask, would you want to know where you would be in 20 years, a young man would more often than not say yes! Are they eager to know because they are excited or afraid?

One thing I recently discovered was that things tend to balance out in the long run. And the example I used is of common stocks. Humans are like stocks. We want people to invest in us and help us reach as high as possible. While that is all very good and easy, people tend to sell stocks they own when they believe the said stock has reached its potential. Mass selling then causes the stock to take a massive tumble. Similar is the case when talking about successful people. As they are going up they tend to be criticized more than they are praised and that can cause them to derail.

But the thing to keep in mind about the future is that it is always within your control. No one can take control of your future until and unless you hand it but even then, it can be taken back whenever. This happens when we complain about things not working out the way we want them to. We start believing that external sources are the reason we are not where we want to be. Even though I believe in the existence of God, what I also believe is the fact that everyone is responsible and able enough to take control of themselves.

A wise man once said life is 10% what you can not control and 90% what you can.

This is a relieving statement. I can assure you that however big a hole you happen to dig for yourself, you can always climb out of it unless of course, you die. And that is another inspiring thing- death. No one knows when they will die but the fact that everyone will die one day should be a source of fuel to seek instant improvement.

If you happen to worry about the future, take daily steps towards what you want to achieve every day. What people tend to ignore is that a step is still a step. Start embarrassingly small, it does not matter, but be faithful to yourself. Build on that small start and one day you really will be proud of your progress.

The beauty of life is that it can turn out just like you want it to. That is why you should not worry about the future. The only time worrying makes sense is if you are not making the effort. It does not matter whether you manage to get the desired result in the short term, if you are working religiously it will pay off. That is certain.

It has to, It can’t not. That is how nature balances things. And here I’ll give an example of stocks again. When a stock gets overvalued, the market corrects itself and ends up throwing it down, however, a stock with consistent improvement is more likely to make waves. Nature works the same way. There is always a tradeoff no matter what. When you give something away you are bound to get it back.

It’s like Newton’s third law of motion stated. Every action has an equal but opposite reaction. When you pump your time into something, there is a spike, an anomaly, and to balance that back to a straight line, you get the reward so it comes back to the major line.

You might think, what happens when you give up, on this major line we made up. You work hard on something and it doesn’t bear fruit the way you thought it would, so you end up giving up. When you work hard we have that spike, that imbalance of the line, then when you give up, you trade that for cheap gratification. This came from you wasting your time on useless activities which end up balancing the spike.

Let’s say you work relentlessly on something but it does not pan out the way you thought it would, so you end up moving to something else. Well, this theory would mean you end up finding success there, or another venture after that. The sky is the limit. Pretty optimistic right?

But what if you have been working your butt off for years and decades but the success you have reaped does not satisfy you. Well, then imagine the spike going up and up and up. When it finally has to balance (because it does, if it does not it disobeys the balance of nature) it will give you more success than you could have imagined.

But here is the catch in all this. Let’s say you run a small business, it has had its status as ‘small’ for more than a decade. The reason here more often than not is the lack of taking risks. What happens when you don’t take risks is, the spike is small. You will have some success but it will remain small. This is because you have not raised the spike, it stays the same ultimately balancing itself. It becomes your comfort zone and you feel afraid outside of it. Unease causes you to not get out at all.

Imagine sailing on a ship, and you see the captain panicking. Will that not make you panic? Similarly, you are the captain of your ship, and when you panic you make everything within you panic as well resulting in self-sabotaging in most cases.

So remember, if you are making a constant effort, you will reap the rewards. It is necessary. So first start. Start ridiculously small if you have to. That does not matter. But then, build on it. Exponential effort results in exponential success. Don’t get me wrong though, if you don’t have more than an hour for it, give it that much. Consistency is key to the lock of improvement leading to success.